Russia heats up the cold war; says it has untraceable nuclear warhead

The Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that his country is developing a supersonic anti-ballistic missile system that can’t be traced or intercepted by the...

Budget 2018: Food Subsidy is the star but may invite WTO...

The focus of the budget was the government’s politically rewarding move...

RBI toughens Resolution norms for stressed assets

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has brought a new Resolution...

Davos: Modi joins the debate on globalisation

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi equalled protectionism with terrorism, it became...

Global stock markets on correction; Japan follows the US

Global stock markets are on a downward correction mode as Japanese...

India is on track for 7.8% growth in 2019: IMF

The January 2018 updation of the World Economic Outlook of the...

Government relaxes disinvestment conditions for Air India stake sale

The central government has broadened investor participation norms for the much-anticipated...

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India demands permissible food subsidy outside the deminimus

Seeking a permanent solution to the food subsidy issue, Commerce Minister Suresh Prabu demanded granting of food subsidy outside the 10% deminimus allocated for developing countries. In his speech at the Plenary session of...
Offset content of the Rafale deal

Doklam: first real test for China’s free ride over small neighours

As the standoff between the Indian and Chinese Armies over the Bhutanese Plateau of Doklam enters into the second month, it is India’s ability to check the expansionist China’s ride over small neighbors that...
China on Brahmaputra: not for an imaginary water war

Why GST is the biggest of the reforms since 1991

India had several rounds of reforms; even in tax front, but this GST foot step is a big one. The greatness of the Goods and Service Tax that will be unveiled in a scheduled...



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