India eager to get an outcome on food security at Buenos Aires

As the WTO members are finalising a work programme for the upcoming Buenos Aires Ministerial Meeting, India is expecting a final decision on food security front. The WTO is expected to take a final position on public procurement of food materials to fight poverty in this Ministerial Conference. At the Bali MC, India was given a temporary window for four years to get a final provision and that period will be coming to an end at Buenos Aires.

So far, indications are that WTO members are coming into terms with India’s demand. The vociferous G 33 including India, Indonesia and China is firm on its demand to consider member countries’ right to procure food materials for supporting the poor.

On the other side, several agricultural exporting countries are fine tuning their defence by arguing for a ceiling on such procurement.

Countries including Paraguay and Russia have submitted a separate plan to design rules on public stock holding. It is known that their suggestion is to put a limit while accommodating India’s demand for flexibility in procurement. Several agricultural exporting countries are insisting more transparency if India is allowed such a flexibility to proceed with subsidies.

Singapore and Norway agreed for procurement so long as the procurement doesn’t cross a limit like 15 percent of the concerned crop.

The high level of engagement on the matter indicate that India may get a final result on the food security issue. If the developments show any trend, the result may come without much dog fight.

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